Corporate Profile

Company Name
Mitac Co.,Ltd
Home City
〒111-0054 2-10-5 Torigoe Taito-ku Tokyo Japan
TEL 81-3-5833-7581
FAX 81-3-5833-7584
Establishment Date
March. 12. 1985
20,000,000 yen


Masahiro Tanaka
Employee Number
domestic 220, overseas 60
Major Business

1.Design,construction and management of civil engineering.

2.Sale and lease of construction equipment and trucks and buses.

3.Installation,maintenance and transport of construction equipment and heavy construction vehicles

4.Instruction and training of engineers on construction equipments

5.Full-time worker dispatching business

6.Casual insurance agent business

7.Sales maintenance and manegement of real estate

8.Fee-charging employment business

9.Business on life insurance soliciting

10.All sorts of accompanying business of all previous item

Construction License

Authorized by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and
Transport(specific -29)16281

General Worker Dispatching Undertakings

Registration Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

Qualified Employees
First Grade Construction Managing Engineer 19
Second Grade Construction Managing Engineer 28
First Grade Construction Equipment Engineer 19
Second Grade Construction Equipment Engineer 50
Construction Master (Awadee of excellent builder, by land,Infrastructure and Transportation Minister) 3
Construction Junior Master 1
History of the Company
March 1985

Established Yamazaki Machinery Service Co.,Ltd.
capitalized at 10,000,000yen.

July 1990

Licensed for Construction
(by Tokyo Metropolitan Governor for General Business).

September 1995 Licensed for Construction (by Minister of LIT for general business).
April 1996 Changed Company Name into Mitac Co.,Ltd
May 1996 Increased the capital into 20,000,000yen
September 1997 Licensed for construction (by Minister of LIT for specific business)
October 2007 Established Mitac-Manila Management Phil.Co.Ltd.,Inc
June 2012 Registration General Worker Dispatching Undertakings.