Description of Business(overseas)

Mitac International Division’s timely dispatch of excellent and talented workforce!

We commit to all our clients on the timely deployment of excellent and strengthened workforce, to meet the staffing needs in diversified overseas projects.

Deployment of our workforce to our present and active clients from Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and 41 other countries around the Pacific. Our database consists of Engineers, Office Staff, Cooks and variety of construction workers that suits any construction projects and equipment industries. Of course, we also respond to the manpower needs of non-construction projects.

We at Mitac, conducts the selection of suitable candidates according to required position, provide trade test and practical test in our partner facilities, in- house training on safety rules and other technical assistance and advice. We manage and assist on the preparation employment agreement to both clients and employee. We can also handle the payment of allowance and salary remittance to the family, arrangement of appropriate visa and ticketing. All you have to do is to have a contract with us.