MITAC is an anagram of the acronym of the motto ‘Company which Assembles Man, Information & Technical skill’

Toward the formation of an affluent society through human resources, information and technology

MITAC is a young and active company which operates as a domestic construction contractor and worker dispatching agency for overseas projects. In recent years business restructuring is going on in various sectors. In order to cope with the technical progress and changing and diversified system and institution, companies are required to reinforce their core business. And at the same time, an efficient and flexible use of the outer resources (i.e. out sourcing strategy) has become increasingly important for them.
MITAC has gained a great credit of the clients offering the outsourcing services in the construction and civil engineering projects. And the needs for worker dispatching, worker education and comprehensive construction management service for the overseas projects, which is MITAC’s another forte, is expected to further increase.
We aim to become a company which maintains and educates excellent workers which the clients, employees and every person involved can be happy with and take pride in.

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